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Women’s Support Group W-O-R-T-H


Usually a woman can recover from the emotional injuries she has experienced in marriage on her own or with a therapist. But there are times when she thirsts to learn from the life experience of others who are also striving to be healed from similar pain. Guided by a qualified clinician, women are coming together to find viable eternal principles in an effort to rebuild their families if possible and to rediscover their own Divine… W-O-R-T-H.


Attendees are  women who have been significantly hurt by their husbands (current or past) through pornography or sexual addictions. 


Up to 12 women meet once a week for 2 hours. Real-life experiences are placed side by side with the words of the prophets in an effort to find what really works.  Amount of personal information shared by each individual is based on personal discretion. Confidentiality is promised by all who attend.


FREE for all women in need. 

A new group is forming that will meet online Wednesday evenings:

4-6 pm  PST          5-7 pm   MST         6 – 8 pm CST         7-9 pm  EST

If you have further questions, concerns, or would like to join our group please contact Jody at:


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