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Like Dragons Did They Fight – TL

warriors-of-light-dfwLike Dragons Did They Fight- TL Class is a live online self-mastery training system for LDS (Mormon) young men to help them identify their destructive thought patterns, negative feelings and behaviors to help them overcome addictions.

Young Men, ages 12 – 20 yrs old,  will be taught and practice empowering skills to help them develop habits which can prevent dangerous behaviors including pornography addiction.  Students will learn self-mastery skills, be accountable for their time and choices in an environment where they can share lost battles, gain tools for success and build safe and enduring friendships. The class model is hands on with participants choosing goals and working to achieve those goals with the help of a qualified clinician and group support.
“I have struggled with pornography and masturbation for most of my teenage life. I have found ways to stop these destructive habits for short time periods, but it has always found a new way back to ruin my life.  The reason I continued to relapse and fail was because I didn’t know what, or who, I was fighting. The reality of it is, I am fighting Satan himself. The Eternal Warriors  has helped me specifically define what Satan’s tactics are and how to beat them.

– Class Attendee”


If you have been looking for a way to help your teen overcome destructive behaviors, feel joyful and powerful while charting a positive course for his life, please contact us.  (972) 426-9500

The class will be taught by Jody VanDrimmelen, LCSW.

Who:  Young Men Ages 12 – 20 yrs old.

When:  To Be Announced

Where: ONLINE class… a computer with an internet connection is required to participate in the weekly class.

Cost:  Before joining the class an in person evaluation session with the young man and one parent.  is required ($135 **) . The cost for the class is  $160 for 16 hrs of instruction…. due the first night of class.

** Price includes the cost of all class materials including, POWER journal, book – LIKE DRAGONS DID THEY FIGHT by Maurice Harker.

For more information, call Jody at (972) 426-9500.

Please fill out the form to the right to learn more.  Seating is limited to 12 participants.

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