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Depression Counseling: The Warning Signs Of Suicide

In depression counseling, I see a lot of the unfortunate byproducts of depression in my patients, including damaged personal relationships, lost jobs and substance abuse.  The worst byproduct of depression, by far, is suicide.  Though depression isn’t the only trigger for suicide, it is the most common one; and often, the depression is undiagnosed, which means that the person suffering has not had the opportunity to benefit from depression counseling.  In counseling, patients learn coping skills they can use to deal with the stressors that can cause them to have suicidal thoughts.   Some of them also indulge to buy kratom Read more
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Depression Counseling: The Consequences Of Depression

If you suffer from depression and you haven’t sought depression counseling, you should know that even severe forms of depression can be treated.  Some of the reasons that people don’t seek the help of a professional counselor are that they don’t realize they have a mental health problem, they don’t know that it’s treatable and/or they’re afraid of the stigma that’s often attached to a diagnosis of a mental health disorder like depression.  Why should you seek depression counseling?  Because left untreated, depression can lead to a host of serious consequences that include:   Suicide – This is, of course, Read more
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Depression Counseling: Help That Brings Hope To Your Life

Considering depression counseling is a great start to helping you find the hope you may have lost in your day to day living. At Insight Child and Family Counseling, we have helped our clients find the way to manage the day to day struggles in a way that still allows hope to flourish. Call us today at 972-426-9500 to schedule your appointment or visit us online at to find out how we can help you. Don’t deal with this depression on your own. Get help from someone who cares and can help you find the life you have left Read more
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Depression Counseling: Recognize The Signs

Many of us think we know all about depression counseling, but do we really? There are millions of people walking around in the world suffering from various degrees of depression, but not getting help for it. Oftentimes, we think the depression we or our loved ones suffer from just isn’t that serious or we don’t recognize the signs until it is too late. Get help for dealing with your battles whether big or small by calling Insight Child and Family Counseling at 972-426-9500. You don’t have to go it alone. Recognize the symptoms of depression and then find a great Read more